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writes. photographs. creates mindful NFTs. meditates. american in oz.

Girl, You Better Work

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Predawn, the sun was just waking up with a low glow beginning to turn the sky from black to blue. It was 5:30 am on the dot as I pulled into the parking lot. A flood of annoyance flashed through me to see the lights weren’t on. The cook had…

The Death of Me not Feeling Good Enough

Photo by Chermiti Mohame on Unsplash

With hair the color of carrots, you always stand out a little more than the rest. I didn’t look like my kindergarten classmates of blondies with tan complexions. …

Moments Amidst the Milestones

Photo by GoodFreePhoto on Unsplash

The humid Midwestern air and high temperatures brought the nearly empty campus to a standstill. Without the life force of the students, summer on a college campus feels somber.

I was the last of my friend group to graduate. It was my final semester, with one last class to pass…

Meanwhile in Australia…

Melbourne, Australia Image by Kon Karampelas Unsplash

I’m not sure the rest of the world knows the severity of the lockdown situation in Australia. Continued lockdowns, federal and state travel bans, and a limited supply of the vaccine have created an undercurrent of fear and uncertainty.

The government’s prime tactic to contain the virus has been to…

Anyone can practice anytime, anywhere, starting now.

A buzzword that was slowly growing in popularity over the years seems to have exploded with the pandemic. Everywhere we turn, mindfulness is touted as the answer to solve all your problems, the gateway to a peaceful life. …

tara buhagiar

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